Sophie has been regularly walking Daisy for a number of years and I have no hesitation in recommending her to other dog families.

During the pandemic restrictions she even went as far as cutting Daisy’s hair on our front door step. Which kept Daisy more comfortable. It wasn’t particularly easy, as Daisy was very fidgety!

Sophie always has all her dog charges best interests at heart, and on one occasion drew my attention to Daisy’s eye. She was concerned that Daisy had a cyst on her eyelid and should be checked at the vet’s. Which I did. The vets scheduled an operation to remove the cyst the following week.

I’m disabled and cannot take Daisy on the lovely country walks around Modbury. Daisy loves traipsing across muddy fields and lanes. Playing with her dog friends and just having a ball.

With her knowledge and experience Sophie is a godsend.

Thank you Sophie.

Jane Dacre

Sophie has been walking Desmond for over 5 years, it is fair to say he loves her and I think given half the chance would happily go home with her. Desmond greets Sophie with exuberant joy every time he sees her and loves his walks.

Just over a year ago we got our second dog Kipper who is a rescue from Cyprus, with careful and gentle introductions Kipper joined Sophie and Desmond on the walks. Sophie has done wonders for Kippers confidence, she has always treated her with kindness and compassion taking her time to gain her trust. A year on and Kipper shares Desmond’s joy at the arrival of Sophie, she loves going out for walks with her and her doggy friends. Emma Lewis

Modbury Cat

Sophie Peters was invaluable to us after my hip replacement operation. Douglas loves walking with her and she takes him for much longer walks than I ever could, even before the op. She knows all the best walks round here and has better control of our dog than we do! She also helped us by calling in to feed and check the welfare of our cat Fred while we had to be away overnight. We can certainly thoroughly recommend her services for all your pets. John Archibald

Harvey loves his walks with Sophie as you can see on the photos. Would not hesitate to recommend Pet Nurse Modbury. It’s great to have peace of mind knowing he is being cared for and having fun.

Thanks Sophie.

Denise Bingham

Sophie is great! friendly and reliable, she walks my Springer and he gets lots of exercise and fun when I’m working.

Thank you, would recommend! Rachel Leyland

Oscar loves his walks with Sophie. It’s great knowing that he is being exercised and having fun with someone so professional and reliable.

Thank you. Melanie Bird